Disclaimer: I’m not a foodie and I’m definitely not a food critic. I just like to eat!

The 4th annual Taste of Bushwick embodies a happy place for anyone who thinks about food constantly. There was pizza, sliders, ice cream, cookies, mac & cheese, coffee, beer, rosé and basically everything you can dream of.

I stopped first at Montana’s Trail House. Their hot chicken & waffle sandwich with pickles and maple butter touched my soul. Syndicated delighted with a “global slider.” The fried Oreo zeppoles from Tony’s Pizzeria were fantastic. I also had to have a cannoli because you don’t pass up a cannoli.

Archie’s Pizza was also on site with plain and pepperoni squares, which as per usual did not disappoint. Mac & cheese is one of my favorite things! The Wheelhouse served up “white dragon creamy mac,” smoked gouda, white cheddar, asiago, shaved parmesan, roasted red peppers, and a jalapeño cheddar popcorn crust. Lucy‘s brought a stellar shrimp cracker with their signature 14-hour smoked brisket, pickled carrots, cucumbers and spicy sauce. (Full disclosure: Lucy’s is up the street from my apt, I may be a little biased.)

But the drinks! I fell in love with Blue Bottle Coffee‘s cold brew. I like my coffee to match my soul, cold and black. Henry’s Wine & Spirit was serving rosé sangria. House of Yes poured frosé made with rosé, fresh watermelon, lemon, lots of ice and unicorn tears. But don’t worry – they were happy unicorn tears. The Aperol, prosecco, seltzer and orange cocktail was super refreshing in the heat.

Happiness is food, drinks and music. It’s truly a beautiful thing any time you can get so many Bushwick people in one place!