As this so-called “Soundcloud generation” of emerging hip hop artists continue to defy genre conventions, young Florida rapper XXXTENTACION diverges even further. “Jocelyn Flores” is a slice of coffeehouse R&B dedicated to the memory of a friend who took her own life. Quite a bit of his debut album 17 features live instrumentation and sung vocals. It could easily pass as an indie rock record, and bares little similarity to his hyper-distorted breakthrough single “Look At Me”. All those things being said, social justice looms quite large in the indie rock world. If that community so swiftly ostracized the likes of PWR BTTM, Jahseh Onfroy will require some serious public image rehabilitation if he seeks indie validation. Hip hop careers may often be built upon a mythology of drugs, violence, and criminal records; but the indie rock world possesses far less patience for separating art from badly-behaving artists. Of course, on the subject of which musical worlds accept XXXTENTACION, it’s just as possible that he, quite simply put, gives no fucks.