Kendrick Lamar had yet another bad ass performance at the first ever College Football Championship Halftime Show. The Compton rapper had the chance to throw some jabs at President Trump and share his political belief. Instead, he preferred to just do what he does best and that’s put on a good show. If you really think about it, K Dot performed songs from his ‘DAMN’ album and one of the tracks performed was “Humble.” On that track he shouts out former president Barack Obama. So, would you say that’s low key of a message saying, “I DON’T LIKE YOU”? The other songs Kendrick Lamar performed were “DNA” and “ELEMENT”. Those songs also talk about his upbringings and his belief of the U.S. Rumor was that president Trump left the premises before the halftime show. Hmmm, did he purposely leave to not see the performance? You missed out Donald Trump.