There’s no denying the music lineup at The Meadows is incredible, but can we talk about the food? I mean really, is three days enough time to get through everything I need to eat? Yes, I’m well aware I can eat all these things whenever I want, but isn’t it so much better when you’re devouring Dumpling Galaxy while enjoying live music?

I feel zero shame in admitting I will be getting a Dough doughnut every day. In case you were curious, I’ll be getting one lemon poppy, one salted chocolate caramel, and one blood orange. I need Mighty Quinn’s BBQ pulled pork, Cafe Habana‘s Cuban, stir fried veggie noodles from Flaming Wok, a lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster, the bee sting from Roberta’s, a jalapeño corndog and a Jerry roll from Southernmost Falafel. I feel like this is finally my chance to try , and what’s a music festival without Big Mozz? Exactly how much ice cream is too much for one person in three days? Because I’m gonna need Taiyaki, Davey’s Ice Cream, New Territories, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, and Sam’s Fried Ice Cream. I want it all!

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