College football championship is set for Monday (Jan. 8th) Alabama vs. Georgia Bulldogs and that’s a game that will more than likely be star studded. Kendrick Lamar will be there for sure, performing for the first ever College Football Championship halftime show. Another big name that is said to be there is President Trump.

Now wait a minute, Kendrick did have former President Obama as a fan, can he make President Trump a fan also?

How will Trump react if K Dot shoots fire during his performance? Kendrick Lamar did call him a “chump.”

Will they shake hands if they get the opportunity?

About a year ago, POTUS did down talk the city of Atlanta. Will he get a warm welcome there?

Oh, Sooooo many question that need to be answered. If Trump does show up, that’s going to be a huge set of eyes on Kendrick Lamar.

Other celebrities have reacted to Trump attending the College Football Championship game. Quavo spoke to TMZ and said “My message to the players is to focus on winning this championship game, don’t worry about nothing else. Focus on winning,”

YG on the other hand was a little more aggressive, lol.

All we can say now is sit back relax and grab some popcorn because this should be interesting.