Webster’s defines ‘successful’ as any GovBall where all artists perform and weather conditions don’t deteriorate to the point of delays or cancellations. By these standards, this year was a smashing success! A brief squall on Friday and persistent light rain on Sunday would not deter an otherwise incredible weekend. Enjoy our favorite Governor’s Ball 2017 moments. Other than saving the best for last, these are in no particular order.

1) Lorde ignites GovBall’s first fireworks of the weekend.

lorde governor's ball 2017

Lorde injected some charm amidst her ethereal presence. “I’m not a very good pop star,” she said after “Team” wrapped, “cause they never need to catch their breath.” She began her Friday evening set by teasing the crowd with the first verse of “Green Light”. Then she quickly switched gears to “Tennis Court”. Eventually, she would bring the energetic Melodrama launch single back for an explosive finalé. Even though Melodrama won’t be available until June 16, Lorde performed six of the album’s eleven tracks. This includes “Perfect Places” which made its live debut, having just been released the day before. She also shared her stage with a not-so-surprise collaborator…

2) Bleachers claims a hometown triumph.

bleachers jack antonoff governor's ball 2017

400 lucky people crammed into the Studio at Webster Hall to see Bleachers just over a month ago. An exponentially larger crowd helped Jack Antonoff celebrate Friday’s Gone Now release. Clad in his trusty throwback Mets tank, Jack and company sped through standards like “Rollercoaster” and a solid cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”. Later, Jack also joined Lorde for a chunk of her set. He produced her album and made songwriting contributions, after all.

3a) Chance The Rapper makes you love him.

Chance The Rapper Governor's Ball 2017

Charming and grounded during his stage banter, buoyant and explosive as a performer – Chance The Rapper wasted no time justifying GovBall granting him the crowd’s undivided attention. There were no competing sets on other stages. A full live band backed Chancelor Bennett’s verses. His off-and-on collaborators The Social Experiment were on hand to serve up not only Chance’s own material but also some “Sunday Candy” and those tracks from Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo that Chance co-wrote. Live music doesn’t get much better than hip hop backed by tight, live instrumentation.

3b) Chance The Rapper and Francis and the Lights each pull double duty.

Chance The Rapper and Francis And The Lights Governor's Ball 2017

Francis and the Lights fans lucked into a more intimate Chance encounter. He emerged in the Bacardi tent to help with Francis’ recently remixed “May I Have This Dance”. Later, they reprised the song together during Chance’s headlining set.

4) Parquet Courts: Official band of inflatable Tyrannosaurs everywhere.

inflatable t-rex costumes governor's ball 2017

Brooklyn’s own art punk/bar rock quartet Parquet Courts were halfway through their sprawling, Talking Heads-ish set closer “One Man No City” when the unthinkable occurred. A stampede of Tyrannosaurs roared through the GovBallNYC main stage area! First, three of them terrorized VIP. Eventually, two stragglers followed. One started deflating not unlike that sad, warped little Korean Pikachu from a few weeks back. Finally, the massacre reached the general admission area. Did that just happen? Yes, GovBall, it did. Mercifully, there are no reports of dinosaur-related dismemberment.

5) Car Seat Headrest remind people distorted electric guitars exist.

Car Seat Headrest Governor's Ball 2017

Car Seat Headrest provided a much needed jolt of distortion on Saturday. Remember how early Weezer channeled classic rock power through a somewhat nerdy filter? Impossibly boyish, shaggy-haired mainman Will Toledo updates that approach with sophistication. Pavement and Mountain Goats are other points of reference. I never thought studio versions of songs like “Fill In The Blank” and “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales” would inspire moshing, but this band performs live with serious muscle. See them in an intimate venue the first chance you get.

6a) Logic preaches peace, love, and positivity via his explosive musical force.

logic governor's ball 2017

Logic plans only one additional release before retiring from music. But first, he celebrated his first chance to dive into his ambitious recent release Everybody in front of a rabid NYC crowd. Between songs he charmingly greeted – by name – a few longtime fans he recognized in the massive Big Apple Stage crowd. A fan tossed him a Rubik’s Cube which Logic manipulated and solved with lightning-fast dexterity in just seconds. And, oh yeah, he detonated each of his songs like a nuclear blast. His viral hit “1-800-273-8255” also made its live debut.

6b) Logic brought friends.

ansel elgort logic governor's ball 2017

That’s Ansel Elgort. You may know him from the film adaptations of The Fault In Our Stars or perhaps The Divergent Series. He also collaborated with Logic on the Everybody track “Killing Spree”. Additionally, he surprised GovBall for Logic’s set alongside several other guest performers.

7) My discovery that GovBall team members held those balloon trails.

governor's ball 2017 balloon trail

Did you see those gorgeous balloon trails snaking through the air over Randall’s Island Park? I noticed GovBall tasked staff with the important responsibility of holding them in place. Not all heroes wear capes. The white hat hero pictured here let these two festival-goers help him out. Getting to hold a trail of balloons a few hundred feet long would qualify as anyone’s favorite Governor’s Ball 2017 moments. Balloons = happiness. It’s as true today as when we were seven.

8) Childish Gambino’s set was a Governor’s Ball exclusive.

Childish Gambino governor's ball 2017

“This is the only show I’m doing this year. This is the only place I wanted to do it. I’m so proud and grateful that you’re here I’m gonna blow the lid off this motherfucker.” Donald Glover took a break from playing young Lando Calrissian in a 2018 Star Wars prequel for GovBall. He flew in from London. Then he straight-up slayed the Saturday night GovBall crowd with a robust backing ensemble. His primal, soulful hour-forty-five elapsed in a blink. Then he said his next album would likely be his last before leaving us “Redbone” in exchange for a lofty price. He left for London with our hearts. Icing on the cake: he referenced the recent “What ‘Redbone’ would sound like…” memes before starting the song.

Do you have unforgettable Governor’s Ball 2017 moments? Share them!